Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Interview on Radio3Fourteen

Interviewed by Lana Lokteff from Red Ice Creations. "Arthur joins us for a look at how the aspects of racial homogeneity and racial disillusionment (multiculturalism) have historically contributed to the rise and fall of civilizations.

"We begin by considering the essential questions of what causes culture and what happens when a civilization’s creators vanish.

"Arthur talks about the misconceptions of early English colonialism and the vastly different process of mass foreign invasion transpiring in the West today.

"He addresses the proclivity of the White race to explore the world and provide humanitarian support to the less fortunate, along with the consequences of these interventions.

"We discuss some logistics of the Out of Africa theory and the role of environment in racial differences, touching on the bureaucratic baloney that thwarts modern day archaeologists from properly investigating tremendous troves of ancient human remains holding clues of Europeans’ origins in the Northern Hemisphere.

"Then, Arthur explains the dire reality of the population replacement events being orchestrated by the West’s rulers, and we deliberate how to wake up the ill-informed masses to their looming extinction.

"He also gives an account of his life in South Africa during the ANC’s takeover, relating the hard fact that demographics ultimately dictate the rules.

"Our conversation rounds off with thoughts on the viability of recruiting quality Europeans to create a great ethnostate and the terrific potential that exists when enough Whites are able to unlearn their self-defeatist programming and abandon the egalitarian fantasies driving their cultures to demise."


Hamilton P. Rudberry said...

Mr. Kemp, what an excellent interview! You really need to do more of these, truly facinating, as are your equally excellent books!

Anonymous said...

This was a first class informative interview, and very entertaining as Arthur speaks to his subject very well. Thank you Arthur and Lana.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just read your book Jihad. Very enlightening -- thank you! You say in one of the bits of statistics, that in 1900 there were about 50,000 immigrant Muslims living in Europe, and virtually all were in France. What is the history behind the stats? I have heard rumors that the French turned into Islamophiles in the 19th century, or even 18th? Where do I look to help me flesh this bit out, if indeed this is the case?

Chechar said...

Great interview!

- C├ęsar Tort