Saturday, 10 March 2012

"Difficult" i-Maths and i-Science is Verwoerd's Fault....

Here is a little gem I have only been alerted to recently, and even though it is a month old, I feel the need to share it with whoever reads this blog. It falls into the "you could not make it up" department, and confirms a number of points.
And the "gem" is?  Well, although you and I would not have guessed it, the reason who so many black pupils in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal fail mathematics and science is because "Verwoerd made these subjects difficult," according to that province's education minister Senzo Mchunu.
Dr. H.F. Verwoerd, as I am sure readers know, was the white prime minister of South Africa in the 1960s.
Mr Mchunu, according to a report published in the local Xpress newspaper, blamed the poor academic results of black pupils in 2011 on Dr Verwoerd in this way:
"One of the points that we found was a problem was math and science.[sic] In these two subjects we are aiming pull everyone out of the mindset that they are difficult subjects,
"It was Verwoerd who made these subjects difficult because he thought that blacks would be a threat to him."

And here the rest of us thought that all this had something to do with IQ. The average IQ for sub-Saharan Africa hovers between 63 and 68, which might explain a lot, as according to the official Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale.

Just goes to show how wrong we can be, because as Mr Mchunu has told us, it is just Verwoerd's fault after all.


Anonymous said...

Ek het regtig nie besef hulle IK's is so laag nie! 68 eish! Gedink hulle hang hier by 90 rond!

Groete Louis

Anonymous said...

In Duitsland bv. is jy amptelik gestrem as jou IK onder 70 is, en jy kry 'n gestremde toelaag om van te leef...