Sunday, 13 January 2013

Me in Salisbury, Rhodesia, 1964.

Another time, another era. Amazing to think of all that has transpired since this picture was taken of me in 1964 in our garden in Salisbury, the capital of the British colony of Southern Rhodesia, as it was then.  Even Rhodesia's UDI was only the next year....


Anthony Baggett said...

Dear Mr Kemp,
I went to Southern Rhodesia in 1960intending to marry and live there. However, as much as I liked the wonderful people (Oh yes, I do mean the lovely, friendly white people), I really could not see a long future for the country - so I came back to England.
I worked on the Rhodesia Railways in Bulawayo.
I am still a member of the BNP although I was very upset for our country's sake, over all the ructions.
I have no real idea what it was all about, but cannot see that setting lots of new parties is of any help.
I am an old man now and can do very little to help our poor country.

Anonymous said...

Hello Arthur Long time no see. How are things with you these days?
was in Wrexham

Mark Robinson said...

I have read your work in the Chechar blog, you really know history Mr Kemp.

I would like to know your opinion on whats is going to happen to América in the next years? Thank you!

Arthur Kemp said...

Dear Mr Baggett (14 Jan). Thanks for the memories, and yes, you were right, there was no long term future for any white minority ruling over a majority of black people. Quite apart from the fact that this is the 21st Century and would be immoral (no people should be subject to rule and domination by others), it was also obviously unpractical and could never be maintained over the long term.

Arthur Kemp said...

Hi Carl (3 Feb). Things OK, thanks, and with you?

Arthur Kemp said...

Dear Mark (9 Feb). The Future of America? I think its pretty inevitable: the major cities will end up looking like Los Angeles (sprawling, decaying versions of Mexico) and whites will be reduced to a tiny minority much quicker than they expect. Geographic separation provides the only potential for survival.