Monday 18 January 2021

How the Republican Party Lost the Georgia Senate Election Runoffs: and why the results undermine Trump’s “voter fraud” narrative

The results of the Georgia Senate election runoffs—which saw the Democratic party take control of the US Senate—served to once again shock Trump supporters and Republicans.

But the result was, once again, completely predictable, and the reality behind the results serve to illustrate once again what a dangerous diversion the Trump “voter fraud” narrative is, as it serves to obscure the real reason for the result: namely, the shifting racial demographics of the US electorate.

As revealed by them Pew Research Center, “Black, Latino and Asian Americans have been key to Georgia’s registered voter growth since 2016” (that is, since Trump’s surprise 2016 victory). 

According to the Pew research, the number of Black registered voters in Georgia increased by about 130,000 between Oct. 11, 2016, and Oct. 5, 2020, the largest increase among all major racial and ethnic groups.

The number of Black registered voters in Georgia increased by about 130,000 between Oct. 11, 2016, and Oct. 5, 2020, the largest increase among all major racial and ethnic groups, and the total number of new voters registered in that state since 2016 totaled an astonishing 520,000(!)

As the Pew research continued:

"The number of Latino and White registered voters increased by roughly the same amount, each by 95,000, despite there being far fewer Latino than White existing registered voters (260,000 vs. 3.8 million). The number of Asian registered voters increased by 63,000, a substantial amount relative to the group’s Oct. 5, 2020, total (188,000)." 

Furthermore, "roughly 72,000 newly registered voters (14%) did not disclose their race or ethnicity, while 56,000 (11% of newly registered voters) identify with other racial and ethnic groups. The number of Native American registered voters more than doubled from 6,000 in 2016 to 15,000 in 2020. In addition, roughly 76,000 new voters have reportedly registered between the presidential election Oct. 5 deadline and the Dec. 7 U.S. Senate runoff registration deadline. Fewer than half (46%) of these new voters identified themselves as White. White registered voters remain the largest group among all Georgians registered to vote, making up 53% in 2020 – down from 63% just before the 2008 election."

And that latter figure-the fact that whites now only constitute 53 percent of the voters in Georgia—reveals exactly why the Democratic Party won and “flipped” the state.

It was not, as the Trump faction allege, caused by voter fraud (although I cannot think that there was none of that, either), but rather by simple racial demographic change.

In other words, it was, and is, impossible for the Republicans to win any state-wide race without a nearly 100 percent white turnout (which never happens) and without winning nearly ALL the white vote (which also never happens).

Thus the math is simple: even though the Republicans easily won a majoirty of the white vote, the combined nonwhite-liberal white vote, just overran them.

For example, Democratic Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff won 30 percent of the white vote, as opposed to his Republican opponent David Perude's 70 percent.

But the 92 percent black vote for Ossof, combined with the 63 percent "Latino" vote, provided the numbers the Democrats needed to flip the state.

And this also reveals why the race-denial of the Trump conservatives is dangerous: it distracts from the real issue, namely that white Americans are being replaced by the Third World. 

As long as the Trumpists refuse to see or understand that shifting racial demographics are behind their loss of political power, they will continue to wander like the blind in the darkness of night: clutching at one straw after another in their vain attempts to explain their situation. 

Only when the Trumpists abandon their conservative nonsense, and take on a full and deep understanding of the direct relationship between race, demographics, and political power, will they ever get around to dealing with the situation, and joining up with those who already know the solution: planned, peaceful, step-by-step, secession into an ethnostate.

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